Government Relations and Legislation

Calfee’s Government Relations and Legislation practice is respected for its political savvy and effectiveness, legal expertise, honesty, and relationships with all levels of local and state government on both sides of the political aisle. Since 1989, our full-service lobbying group has appeared before the Ohio General Assembly, statewide elected officials, executive agencies, commissions, and departments of state government. We advocate for our clients in a strong, clear voice that makes an impact. All of our lobbyists formerly have served in governmental positions, including capacities such as Mayor of Cincinnati, Director of the Ohio EPA, Law Director for the City of Cleveland and member of the U.S. Congress. We develop strategies and tactics to help shape public policies to the benefit of our clients, and we do so using our experiences from inside Ohio government.

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Our services include:

Executive Agency and Legislative Lobbying

We take our clients as far as they need to go – from monitoring and active lobbying before the Ohio legislature and executive branch on routine issues, to strategizing and leading major legislative reform efforts from beginning to end of the legislative process. We provide comprehensive services, including building the coalitions and strategizing on public relation efforts, for clients ranging from utility providers to health care clients to organizations involved in tort reform.

Government Contract/Executive Agency Procurement

For our clients looking to partner with the government, we help develop the critical relationships they need and continue to advise them through the competitive bid and executive procurement process. Our expertise has led clients successfully through multi-million dollar procurement opportunities.

Agency Regulatory Matters

We guide clients through the unique regulatory challenges presented by executive agencies. Our work includes analyzing regulations, preparing arguments, developing compatible legislation, and assisting with permit and licensing applications. We work closely with Calfee’s own litigators, who regularly appear at governmental hearings on clients’ behalf. Our lawyers/lobbyists work closely with various Ohio agencies, including the Public Utilities Commission; Ohio Casino Control Commission; Ohio Lottery Commission; Ohio State Racing Commission; Environmental Protection Agency; Development Services Agency and the Departments of Jobs and Family Services, Medicaid, Taxation, Transportation and Insurance. 

As part of one of the top law firms in Ohio, Calfee lobbyists also have the legal background and immediate resources of approximately 160 lawyers who provide a variety of specialized services. We are able to analyze the law for our clients, anticipate how it may impact their business, and strategize and execute a plan of action.

Calfee’s Government team, which includes seven registered lobbyists, spans across the state of Ohio and Washington D.C. We have four offices, in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Washington D.C., as well as an established network of government and business contacts throughout the state. We constantly build and nurture relationships with key decision makers, from legislative aides to top lawmakers and officials, to maintain our strong Ohio presence.

Calfee is proud to lobby for clients such as FirstEnergy, Invacare, RPM, Case Western Reserve University, Smuckers, Dell, and the Ohio Apartment Association. We act as zealous advocates for all of our clients, including health care, energy, manufacturing, higher education, technology, environmental, gaming, financial services, real estate, and retail organizations and associations.

Our Government Relations team can also work alongside our wholly owned subsidiary, Calfee Strategic Solutions (CSS). Calfee Strategic Solutions is a government relations and public affairs firm that works closely with clients to help them achieve their business objectives through strong relationships with key decision makers in Ohio and Kentucky.

Disclaimer: Calfee Strategic Solutions, LLC is not a law firm and is not authorized to engage in the practice of law. Accordingly, its advice should not be regarded as legal advice, and its services should not be considered the practice of law.

Legislative Lobbying

  • Develop legislative strategy
  • Draft legislation
  • Prepare testimony
  • Build legislative support
  • Testify before legislative committees
  • Foster legislative relationships with clients
  • Monitor legislative activity

Public Policy Advocacy

  • Analyze policy and political perspectives
  • Develop grass-roots support
  • Create coalitions among stakeholders
  • Coordinate and analyze media and public relations

Government Contract/Executive Agency Procurement

  • Monitor procurement opportunities
  • Develop business relationships
  • Support State Term Schedule applications
  • Counsel on competitive bid requirements
  • Assist with public records requests
  • Truth In Negotiations Act issues
  • Buy American/Buy Ohio
  • Specification requirements

Agency Regulatory Matters

  • Analyze regulations
  • Prepare legal and political arguments
  • Attend hearings on behalf of clients
  • Ensure Executive Order compliance
  • Assist with permit and licensing regulations and applications
  • Develop compatible required legislation

Administrative Rule-Making Process

  • Monitor administrative agencies
  • Draft administrative rules
  • Impact rule-making process
  • Represent clients in public and administrative hearings

Political Action Committees (PACs)

  • Review laws and regulations
  • Develop strategies for PAC contributions
  • Facilitate legal formation
  • Handle regulatory functions
  • Monitor campaign finance limitations