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Leah Pappas Porner

Partner-in-Charge Columbus

Leah Pappas Porner

Leah Pappas Porner

Partner-in-Charge Columbus

Leah Pappas Porner

Calfee’s Government team spans across the state of Ohio and the District of Columbia, with four offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Washington, D.C. We are constantly building relationships with key decision makers, from legislative aides to top lawmakers and officials, to maintain our strong presence.

Many of Calfee’s government lawyers are also lobbyists or have held top positions in government and business. From a former President of the Ohio Senate, member of Congress, Mayor of Cincinnati, Director of the Ohio EPA, and a City of Cleveland Law Director, their collective background allows them to analyze the law, anticipate how it may affect businesses, and execute a plan that will help clients communicate and work effectively with all levels of government.

Our lawyers represent a wide variety of governmental clients, both in matters of public law and in government finance, for projects as diverse as airports, highway interchanges, and higher education. For businesses looking to gain financing for your next project, or if you want to obtain governmental assistance for some other specialized purpose, Calfee’s public finance lawyers can help navigate a variety of complex municipal finance and governance issues.

We also counsel clients in matters such as government contract compliance and investigation issues, and regulatory matters.

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