Warnings, Labeling and Products Regulation

Calfee’s Warnings, Labeling and Productions Regulation attorneys work with premises owners, product manufacturers, and patent holders to maintain the safety of their facilities and products and to resolve disputes with governmental agencies when they inevitably arise. In an effort to lessen or avoid liability for any potential hazards associated with a client’s premises or products, Calfee’s lawyers design clear, concise and easily understood warnings for placement at a client’s facility or on its products. These warnings advise users of any danger and avoid liability to the client for failure to warn and other negligence claims.

We also counsel clients concerning the creation and maintenance of proper labeling for a variety of industries. This includes the review and design of packaging, nutrition labels for food products, and “Drug Facts” labels for pharmaceuticals and other products regulated by the Food, Drugs & Cosmetics Act. Lastly, if the safety of a client’s product is called into question, our attorneys also provide counsel concerning the propriety and necessity of product recalls and, when appropriate, aid clients in the implementation of recalls.

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We also seek, through litigation or negotiation, to resolve disputes with various federal agencies, including the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the Food & Drug Administration, and the National Highway Transportation & Safety Administration, concerning any alleged violation of federal law or breach of a recall agreement.