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We give our busy lawyers the gift of time.

A career at Calfee means many things: opportunities, growth, excitement, colleagues, community. As a busy professional advancing in your field, your career also must include finding that critical balance between work and home.

Calfee wants to contribute to your success both professionally and personally. That’s why we offer our unique “Calfee Lifestyle Resources” program to all lawyers at the firm.

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Our main areas of service to our lawyers include:

Child care
Searching for child care? Use our child care services to help find permanent care, emergency care when your regular provider is sick or unavailable, or in-home emergency nanny service when your child is sick and at home.

Wellness Program
Want a healthier lifestyle? Take advantage of the Calfee Cares Wellness Program, a program dedicated to our employees for better, healthier lifestyles. The program features ways to be more active, maintain balance in your life, and make nutrition part of your daily routine. Through the Calfee Cares Wellness program, employees also have the opportunity to use Calfee’s on-site fitness center and participate in free group or individual fitness classes with a personal trainer.

Everyday errands
No time for running those everyday errands? Calfee provides on-site pick-up and delivery for dry cleaning, on-site shoe repair and shoe shine, and on-site alterations and postal services.

Technology support
Trouble with your home computer? Our program allows lawyers to easily find tech support for their home office computer needs.

Calfee believes its professionals need to find a work/home balance in order to be successful in all their endeavors. Our commitment to the Calfee Lifestyle Resources program is designed to give our professionals that balance by providing them with “the gift of time.”