Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLPAssociate Life

Day-to-day associate life at Calfee is different from that at many firms. Junior attorneys who come to the firm join the practice area in which their interests and aptitudes lie. Unlike other firms, Calfee associate time is not controlled by a centralized body. Associates receive assignments directly from partners and senior associates, and each associate controls his or her own schedule and the matters to which he or she is assigned. The Calfee system allows each associate the freedom to discover areas in which he or she may want to develop a sub-specialty, and to have some control over the types of matters worked.

Associates at our firm don’t wait years to handle front-line responsibilities on transactions or cases. Rather, each attorney works on matters of varying sizes and complexity from the start. This ensures that even junior associates get the opportunity to handle responsibilities including client meetings, depositions, closings and trials in smaller matters early in their careers. Associates have a chance to put into practice the skills they are observing and learning from more senior attorneys in more complex cases and transactions where they are part of a larger and more experienced team.

To further assist in associate development, the firm encourages associates to select, at firm expense, continuing education options that will develop specific skills or areas of knowledge each junior associate considers important to his or her own practice.

The benefit to Calfee of this professional structure is well-trained and competent attorneys at all levels. The benefit to junior associates is great experience and the opportunity to take control of their professional development.