Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLPRevitalizing this Landmark Building

When East Ohio Gas opened the doors in 1916, the building was cutting-edge for its time. When Calfee began looking for new office space in 2009, we were presented with the opportunity to again make the corner of East Sixth and Rockwell a forward-looking place of business.

After WKYC moved to its new home on Lakeside around 2001, the building sat vacant for the next decade. The building was in near total disrepair - elevators had been stripped from their shafts; skylights overlooking stairwells were gone, allowing rain to soak down to the muddy deep pit of the basement; the television station had installed lighting and mechanical systems in the false skylight space; the stately columns had crumbled; and the once-grand bronze-plated front doors were badly deteriorated.

In 2010, Calfee agreed to a long-term lease with CRM Real Estate Services, the new owner and developer, and announced the building restoration, which was assisted by state and federal historic preservation tax credits.

Teams from Vocon, Sandvick Architects, the Albert M. Higley Company, and Cleveland Construction, Inc. worked to restore the beauty and detail that had once distinguished the space, as well as adding technology upgrades and space utilization that would result in an environmentally responsible workplace and efficient work flow.