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Technology Transfer

Each year, thousands of discoveries originate in the fruitful minds of institutional researchers. Institutions take pride in the generation of knowledge and recognize the potential of each discovery for saving lives, reaching new boundaries in space and technology, and improving the quality of life. However, the practice of Technology Transfer, converting ideas and discoveries from the laboratory to commercially viable products, is not an easy task. Often, institutions lose ownership of their valuable research and are left to wonder why they did not realize the reward of their discovery.

At Calfee, we appreciate and address the importance of sound structural planning and documentation to ensure proper protection and preservation of ownership, confidentiality, limitations on liability, incentives and effective governance and to maximize opportunities. Our unique perspective, which is focused on the goals and objectives common among organizations involved in the commercialization of intellectual property, gives us the ability to consult and advise on all legal aspects of Tech Transfer. We have built a strong practice representing entrepreneurs and institutions worldwide across a full range of business opportunities, while developing an extraordinary depth of experience and knowledge in areas vital to this community, including intellectual property, capital generation and government relations.

We understand that effective relationships between institutions, management, marketing personnel and early funders must be cultivated in order to protect the rights of researchers and inventors of technology and to successfully commercialize their creations.