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Compliance Services

Today’s business environment is one of ever-increasing regulation, oversight and enforcement, which makes an effective compliance and ethics program imperative. Whether facing an urgent issue or assessing more general compliance needs, organizations need comprehensive compliance programs to help them navigate the considerable array of state, federal and international laws, as well as their own internal company policies and contracts.

Calfee’s Compliance Services attorneys have extensive experience assessing the enterprise risks that our clients face within their particular industries.

We work with our clients to build effective compliance and ethics programs that:

  • comply with legal obligations;
  • recognize, assess and manage potential ethical regulatory, contractual and enforcement risks; and
  • provide a structure through which these risks properly can be detected and managed.

We identify and prioritize compliance risks and then design a customized compliance and ethics program that meets the needs of each client. We also are routinely called upon to assist clients in reviewing and enhancing discrete aspects of existing compliance and ethics programs. Our group has a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and cultures and in counseling, defending and protecting them with regard to the ethics and compliance obligations and issues that face them.

And, although we make every effort to avoid the expense and reputational harm that can result from trial or public investigations, Calfee’s team of experienced trial lawyers and crisis management professionals are highly qualified to represent clients should the need arise.

Who we counsel

We regularly represent both privately held and publicly traded companies that operate in the United States and abroad.

Building an effective program that is right for your company

Whether you need to build an effective compliance program from square one or you need assistance assessing the effectiveness of existing programs and, where appropriate, expanding, refining and improving them to meet current regulatory developments and demands, our experienced compliance services team can help.

We are able to assist our clients with the following:

  • Conduct a baseline audit of the current compliance program
  • Develop standards of conduct, including written policies and procedures to detect and prevent ethical lapses, contractual breaches, or criminal conduct
  • Develop written policies and procedures that outline how the client’s compliance program will operate, define the applicable regulations and risk areas that apply to the organization, and guide the company as to how to operate within those regulations
  • Identify the individuals within the organization who are responsible for implementation and operation of the compliance program and formulating the guidelines within which that individual or committee will operate
  • Identify and prioritize key areas of compliance risk to the company
  • Create effective training programs to ensure that employees, contractors and agents understand their roles and obligations in the company’s compliance efforts
  • Implement an effective mechanism for reporting and investigating activity or conduct that runs afoul of the company’s legal, regulatory, contractual and/or ethical obligations
  • Develop procedures for incentives and enforcement and, where necessary, disciplinary measures
  • Work with government agencies, officers or representatives, as well as crisis communications professionals, in the event that the company is accused of having engaged in some level of wrongdoing
  • Implement audits and monitoring procedures that help to evaluate the effectiveness of the compliance program on an ongoing basis

Because effective compliance programs are not one-size-fits-all, we work with clients to customize a program that meets their individual needs within their particular business or industry.

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